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Is She a Good Mom?

Can she live up to what we all need her to be?

GOOD MOM has big shoes to fill, but she must take tiny, quiet steps.

Does she know what she's doing or can she fake it convincingly?

Does she enjoy it, or can she fake it convincingly?

When she dies, will we all say, "She was such a GOOD MOM?"

Did she give enough, shine enough, love enough, forgive enough, excuse enough, pamper and prop and rejoice in and move aside enough?

Can she tolerate enough?

Can she take a punch enough?

Endless punches?

All the punches?

Is she well-organized, calm, and selfless

Selfless Self-less Without Self

Can she find a way to be?

Must she relish the noise and the drowning?

GOOD MOM doesn't feel like she's losing the fight.

She can doggy paddle in the deep end while dragging the boat.

Because drowning would be her fault, too.

Is she excellent at apologizing and not making a mess?

Does she understand that everything depends on her?

And she can't take the credit, nope,

and she can't expect help.

Nope, nope, nope.

If she has her own needs, she can see to them at midnight.

If she has her own dreams, she better have followed them before spreading her legs.

If she opts out, she's a monster, if she stays, she'd better fucking be GOOD MOM.

Day in and out, leaving the house= selfish, staying= lazy AND selfish.

She'll have to find a way, a way to stay, a way to go, a way to be both person and GOOD MOM.

Or maybe she just lets the person go.

Remembers her in pictures and vague memories.

Puts her hands around her throat and snuffs her out completely.

Because people need things, want things, mess up, and start over.

People are never enough.

It's a good thing she's not a person anymore and that

All that remains is GOOD MOM.


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Sep 11, 2023

As my baby has just turned 18, I am now on a journey to find me again. I think I've done a decent job, he's still alive and he doesn't hate me (all the time), so I think I have been a good enough mum. We will always be judged and judgy but, as long as you are consciously trying to move them forward, hoping they become a productive member of society (or at least, not a burden to society), then yes, we are good (enough) mums. Give yourself some slack, a pat on the back, and a large glass of wine. xx Drew

Sep 23, 2023
Replying to

I especially like the ”slack” part of Drew’s comment.

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