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Thanks for reading my words.

I started writing as a witness.
Clinical rotations for a Physician Assistant graduate program in 2007, I needed to write about  the 2am call to pronounce a death in the hospice unit, the teen in the E.R. who lost his hearing snorting heroin, the first time I was trusted to hold a scalpel in the O.R. and all of the times I didn’t know things I was meant to know,. The pain, hope, and fear, humanity at its breaking points. I found it exhilarating and confusing.
I had to write it all down.
Then came infertility and miscarriages; my husband and I trying to make and keep a pregnancy. Each month, each cycle, a failed lifetime. Meds, pregnancy, blood and emptiness. Being a patient instead of provider. The grief, fear, despair, doubt…I connected with other women who knew those feelings, who’d looked down to see blood, who understood life in 30-day chunks. Eventually, we had two kids, and I had to write about pregnancy and birth, and parenting real actual human people (dear Jebus- they're old now and it's still hard).
I had to write it all down.
​I wrote, and it helped me heal.
I wrote, and it helped them heal, too.
Here at Sarah Z Writer, we talk marriage, sex, parenting, mental health, career, woman-ing, aging, and injustice...all with a healthy dose of dick and fart jokes...because that's the seasoning in the stew of life. ;)
In taking apart and rebuilding who I am as a person again and again, I've found the need to share it; the messy, impossible, tender, beautiful.
We are in this together. We feel greater joy and less alone and uncertain when we share it all.
Beyond the blog, I completed my Physician Assistant Master’s degree and worked for over a decade in surgery and gynecology and then owned and ran a vegan ice cream business in Detroit.
In addition to two novels (publishing pending), I've written relatable, humorous, personal and informative essays for P.S. I Love YouGiddyRavishlyCafe MomPregnant ChickenThe SEAM, and more, and have been recognized for humor writing by The Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop and The Mark Twain House.
I currently reside in Northern California with the two kids, one husband, a Greyhound dog named Abel, and two guinea pigs, Sampson and Peaches. 
l promise to show up authentically, vulnerably, honestly, and regularly.
Thank you for joining me, 
Sarah Zimmerman 
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