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Wanna See Something SUPER Gross?

Just like an OnlyFans page, my subscribers get my MOST intimate goodies! Unlike on OnlyFans, my goodies are horrifying monsters. This will likely be the only time you'll see my boobs on the internet. ;) I'm postop day #12 following my breast reduction. There's puss and gore ahead. You've been warned.

For the last eight days, I've been dealing with a wound infection and fevers. I'm on oral and topical antibiotics and I just started adding all kinds of hippie shit to try to cleanse my soul or whatever. I'm ready for witch doctors, priests, and eunuchs to come exorcise these demons. I've done a lot of wound care in my work as a P.A. I liked it, even. Let me tell you that it's...different when it's your own tot on fire. I have a steady case of shaky leggs and nauseous tummy when having to deal with the puss-filled hole at the base of my right breast. It could be SO much worse, it IS healing (SO SLOWLY), I'm fine, etc, etc, but right now I just want to take a moment to feel very, very bad for myself.

The salt in the wound is that insurance told me to fuck off and didn't cover a penny of this surgery, saying that my back/shoulder/neck pain I've been dealing with for years ain't no thang. So not only am I having dreams that the entire muscle/fat layer of my boob has turned to a layer of slime and one day the whole boob is just going to peel right off, but I also have to reckon with the fact that I paid the price of a decent sedan for this pleasure. Big picture: they're smaller and my back doesn't hurt for the first time in a decade. It WILL be worthwhile. Also, my arms fit by my sides, and I look good in my clothes again- it's a bit of a miracle really even with the all the sports bra armor I'm wearing. I think the biggest hurdle (besides not puking when I shower) is that I already feel like a piece of shit for not working right now- and so not working AND lying around in a fever delirium not even helping with the kids or cleaning the house or making any progress on my book- it just makes me feel like a larger section of excrement.

Ok. That's all the complaining I have in me today. I know you came here for gross pictures, so here they are- TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE FAINT OF TUMMY:

That hole goes straight through to my soul, and then if you keep following it, it goes all the way to China.


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