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GOOD WOMAN, A Novel by Sarah Zimmerman

GOOD WOMAN, women’s fiction complete at 73,000 words, features the rabid humor of NIGHTBITCH (R. Yoder) and domestic drama and female friendship of BIG LITTLE LIES (L. Moriarty).

Johanna wanted her life to be more interesting but dating the man she’s trying to divorce is not what she had in mind.

Nearing forty, Johanna is being crushed under the life she always wanted: marriage, kids, a house in the Chicago suburbs, and her own talk radio show. She spends her days popping antacids, acting as sidekick to her glamorous cohost, having mercy sex with her husband, and playing snack bitch to her kids. She knows she shouldn’t complain, though. Everything is fine. She’s not even sure why she keeps that faded suicide note at the bottom of her purse. Her perfectly beige life explodes when she accidentally confesses on-air that she wants a divorce, shocking her audience AND her husband. Her listeners convince the couple to complete a bucket list before calling it quits, but Johanna fears that if they bring this marriage back to life it might kill her.

In addition to fiction, I've published satire and humorous essays on marriage, parenting, sex, and mental health in Ravishly, Cafe Mom, Pregnant Chicken, and more, and have been recognized by The Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop and The Mark Twain House. In past lives, I've also been a Physician Assistant in Women's Health and owned a vegan ice cream business.

If you're a literary agent looking to represent a funny woman writing about serious shit, please let me know!

Sarah Zimmerman

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