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Movie Review: "The Lost City"

Ok, so let me start by saying that this movie is 50x funnier and better than it needed to be. It could have been hokey and horny af and we all still would have shown up to watch Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum romp and smooch around a jungle, but it is LEGIT hilarious and the emotional moments are genuine.

The premise is silly - a romance writer and her book cover model end up kidnapped/lost in a jungle trying to find a treasure and escape from bad guys- but if you plug in all the holes with PHENOMENAL writing and stellar performances by the leads (Sandy B. is the BEST at physical comedy, and is somehow still super fucking hot at 58 years old, Channing Tatum is adorable, vulnerable, funny, goofy and best known for being terrible looking with poor abdominal tone) and the bit parts- Daniel Radcliffe (best known for playing a farting corpse in "Swiss Army Man"), Brad Pitt (best known for being the eleventh monkey in "12 Monkeys"), Da'Vine Joy Randolph (the fabulous cop in "Only Murders in the Building," and Cherise in the TV version of "High Fidelity"), Oscar Nuñez (Oscar from 'The Office,' also plays 'Oscar' in this movie- must be in his contract), Bowen Yang (SNL, please put him in everything), Patti Harrison (always funny, 'Shrill'), among others who just round out a perfect cast.

The story is less lame than you'd think, more thoughtful, and there are NO wasted small moments- the jokes are just so solid. Very "Romancing the Stone/Indiana Jones" kinda vibes, but with even more consistent, funny jokes and better use of the women characters.

Get ye to a theater and watch this film. You'll be glad you did!

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