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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told; An Oral History (2018), by Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

These two beloved comic actors have now been married upon one another for twenty years and wrote a book about it. I'm listening to the Audible version, and they read it and riff off each other and it's just delightful. Nick has written several other humor essay-type books and has honed the art of story-telling. Megan has a lot of great stories to tell, as she's been in the business for always. They make each other laugh while making us laugh, and it's sweet and fun. He's every bit as earnest and ethical as his most famous character, Ron Swanson, from Parks and Rec, and she's got bone-dry humor and is bawdy and little bit deliciously caddy. This is Megan's third marriage, but she doesn't really get into that, just vaguely mentions past relationships that didn't work out because the dudes were chumps or she wasn't ready for good, good love yet. Nick had less experience with romance and by all accounts was just looking for her, and when she showed up, he dove in head-first (there would be a cunnulingus joke here in the book, for sure. It lives up to its title). She's over a decade older than Nick, and when they met in a play in the late '90s, she was already an Emmy-nominated TV star, and he was doing mostly stage stuff still. Of course, she would go on to win more Emmy's as the beloved Karen Walker character in 'Will and Grace' and he would own as Ron Swanson.

The essays range on topics from work to religion to death & dying, mental health and addiction. Their friendship seems genuine and it's clear they still enjoy the shit out of each other. Because I'm such a huge fan of Parks & Rec, every time Nick giggles like Ron does sometimes, I'm thrilled. Plus, he is SO adoring of her- her work ethic, sense of humor, excellent taste, love of reading, and then, way down her list, her sex appeal...and I find that charming. And they talk about the Ron-Tammy episodes, too. I feel blessed. There are a few times when they make cracks about not being gay or something that surprised me. They're both very vocal LGBTQIA advocates and she's a bit of a gay icon, so maybe they feel like they're in the club, but whenever there's any sort of "LOL I'm not gay, you are" jokes, I wince. I might be overly sensitive? I dunno. Anyway, I enjoyed the book a lot and learned something about the Hollywood industry and Chicago theater and life on an Illinois farm, and I think you'd like it, too.


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