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S2: Ep 6 and 7, Ted Lasso

So, last week, I was out of my head with fevers and so I didn't want to say anything I'd regret when it came to Ted Lasso. Instead, I just wrote about my kids or husband or other inconsequential stuff that came to mind. So I'm here to catch us up today- ep 7 was unleashed yesterday. I'm still not 100% so these will be short.

Episode 6, "The Signal"

The signal refers to the hand signal that Roy Kent invents that he (and the other coaches) will give to Jamie Tartt when he's to STOP being a team player with now well-honed sportsmanship, and is instead to revert to his selfish and effective methods. They're tired of not winning game- Jamie is a great player who is sometimes inhibited by DECENCY, so this is his fix. At one point, the coaches all line the field flipping him the bird and he unleashes his beast and scores the goal that blah blah blah who cares about the sports part.

What else? OOH! Finally, Ted is shown re-haunted by his demons. He has a panic attack mid-game and as much as he's genteelly antagonized and avoided the (now regular) team therapist, he ends up fetal in her office when he loses himself. SO READY FOR THIS PLOT.

A nice moment between Higgins and Coach Beard- Beard is dating a woman who apparently is mean and untrustworthy or generally just kind of bad for him with lotsa drama, and all the other coaches support him in his decision to move in with her but Higgins- to his potential detriment tells him he deserves better....and they have what looks like a confrontation that will end in fisticuffs, but because these are enlightened men who've established that they genuinely care about each other and aren't threatened by hard truths, they hug it out instead. GOOOOODDDDDDDDAAMMMMM I love this show.

This is all parallel another story about sharing your actual feelings about someone's romantic/life choices versus sitting on them out of etiquette or fear- Rebecca's mom shows up, in self-care, girls-rule mode, saying she's leaving her unfulfilling marriage, but apparently she does this a lot, and she goes back to him, as Rebecca predicts...she feels pulled between trying to help her mom save herself and apathetic because nothing ever changes.

That's about it that stands out from my fever dreams. There was a massive Keeley-Roy sex scene at the end, right? That wasn't just a hallucination? ;)

Episode 7, "Headspace"

And here we are getting INTO the very first layer of Ted's shit, while he stews and paces, plays, and hams, and then finally sits the fuck still in Dr. Sharon's office for their scheduled therapy sessions. He is VERY averse to digging into his feelings for a guy who is so compassionate, empathetic, and seemingly self-aware and good with people. He does NOT want to see what's in him and they've determined that his storming out- multiple times, accusing mental health providers of being swindlers, tossing things around, reverting to child-like tactiics of avoidance- is all fear based. He's had some stuff, I'm guessing, stuff in the past that he'd rather not face- and he's a dude- so even if he SEES and scolds or mocks toxic male tendencies, he's still susceptible to them, he doesn't want to deal with the hard scary feelings...but also doesn't want to keep having panic attacks or feeling like garbage. I think we're gonna tease out some toxic positivity patterns from our favorite charming bobble-headed coach.

What else? Nate the Great definitely has a distant and disapproving daddy with the issues that come with that, and he's riding too high on the approval of strangers online following him doing some good coaching and saving the game last episode (oh yeah, that happened, too). When HIS volatile, fragile ego pops, he takes it out on anyone he considers lower than him or with a tiny bit less power- Colin, a player who isn't a big shot star, and Will, the new team towel boy.

Keeley and Roy work and live together, which anyone who's lived through, say, a pandemic, can attest is TERRIBLE for personal and relationship health. Keeley needs space and she is afraid to hurt his feelings by telling him, but she tells everyone at work instead- when Roy keeps popping up (BECAUSE OF COURSE HE DOES- THAT'S HER WHOLE PROBLEM, INNIT), she never lies and says she wasn't talking about him, she always owns it- keeping her the tops of my faves with her honesty. Finally, she explodes, he gets hurt and leaves, there's strife, but eventually he gets that it's not that she doesn't adore him, it's just that she needs to be able to person alone now and then- and he grand gestures some roses in a bath and gives her three hours alone. It's fun to watch them both learn how to have a really solid relationship with someone they respect.

What else? Coach Beard's simple looks and one-liners deserve all the Oscars and Nobel prizes.

Ok, I think I'd better go back to bed. Toodles!

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