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Interactive Visual Novels? Yes, Please!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I'm writing on a new fiction gaming platform!

If you like stories but get bored reading full books and you kinda miss graphic novels and choose-your-own-adventures but want adult fiction, StoryLoom is for you!

StoryLoom offers "visual novels and interactive stories" in a huge variety of genres.

It's in the beta version (they're still working out the kinks), so best to use Chrome on a computer to make it function smoothly.

So far I have two books going:

A cooking drama called "Bitter Endings:" After the death of her famous chef father, Monica faces the demands of holding up his legacy, delivering the perfect funeral food, and contending with her ex-husband all in one hot kitchen. If you like family drama, exploring generational trauma, lost love, and personal growth, you'll love "Bitter Endings" by Sarah Zimmerman

A funny LGBTQIA murder mystery called "A Cozy English Murder:" "Another day here and not one single murder. I hate this place." Americans newlyweds, Allison and Joan, have recently moved to a tiny English village for Joan's job. Allison is taking time away from teaching to write a cozy murder mystery, but even with the old-timey typewriter, the gallons of tea, and the charming setting, she's struggling to find inspiration. Until one day, she runs into the owner of the local pastry shop who just received some shocking news. Will a trip to a local castle help shake a story out of "American Allison," or will she find that real murder isn't all that cozy?

It's all free right for now. Sign in using your google account to read today!


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