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Excerpt From My New Book

***Subscribers, thanks for reading! If you missed them, I've dropped a few excerpts of this new book along the way- it's a road trip book about adult sisters who are working out the pain of their past- when they were young, their third sister died from cancer, followed by their parents' divorce, their dad's descent into alcoholism, and their mom abandoning them. Now it's 30 years later, their dad has just died and the eldest, Tamara, who stayed behind to take care of him and the family's competitive equine business (McConnell's) has driven from Kentucky to Wyoming to visit her sister, Rachel, now an OBGYN with a 6 y/o daughter, Kiki. They're getting to know each other as adults and reflecting on their childhoods and they hear from their mom, Carol. At this point in the story, Rachel, Tamara, and Kiki are traveling from Wyoming to Northern California to see her for the first time in decades. (Also, I'll be taking a little time off to focus on writing more of this book and being with my family and stuff, so if you notice I'm MIA in your inbox or on social media, don't be alarmed. It's intentional and I'll be back).

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